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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Frankiln, NC USA
Spouse/Partner Adrienne Mosco
Occupation Luthier, Maker of stringed instruments
Children Sarah Grey Mosco born 1985 Died 1992

In a nut shell.......

My life changed when I met my wife, Adrienne. She gave me the confidence that I lacked and the support that I needed to mold a life together. We did a lot of things together that most people wouldn't take a chance on. I realized later in life how believing in yourself makes things happen. I owe it all to the power of faith!

We got married and moved to California. We went to seek fame and fortune. Well, that didn't happen but it was wild ride and a great learning experience.
We moved back to Patchogue in 1982 and my twin brother and I (Tom) started a construction Co. We enjoyed the 80's boom together. Tom moved to Florida and I continued in construction.

In 1995 a bunch of people I knew decided that Patchogue could be a better place to live. So they ran for elected officials and were elected to office.
That was the start of what Patchogue is today. Make no mistake about it!
I joined them on the village board in 1996. We made a lot of mistakes and a lot of accomplishments. If it wasn't for that group of individuals including all the other loyal dedicated people, the success that Patchogue Village has reaped wouldn't be here today. Do not forget those people... We owe them a lot.

One of the major sparks that moved the village in the right direction was the purchase and restoration of the old Patchogue multiplex movie theater. Which is now the Patchogue Performing Arts Theater. Best 7.2 Million dollars ever spent!

I was a building Inspector for the Town of Brookhaven for 8 years and decided that it was time to leave in 2003. Most remember that era as not a colorful time for the Brookhaven town and Suffolk county that was riddled with corruption. Sickened by the culture & high taxes, we moved to Western North Carolina. I have been a REALTOR here for 13 years and in that time, I decided to pursue my dream of building stringed instruments. Hence I started Mosco String Works Co., I consider myself a self thought Luthier and string instrument repair technician for all stringed instruments. Again....the power of faith in action.....
We live a peaceful life here in Franklin, NC. I encourage anyone I know to move here for a better life.......May God bless you all with peace and happiness

School Story

In Physics class. I built a small scale wooden bridge with two other classmates, whom I can't remember their names. The bridge could not be broke under pressure as prescribed by Mr. Walter Hellman. I don't think the record has been broken till this day.

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